Aumshanthi is a yoga teacher, Satvik food teacher, author and a philanthropist, a woman of many parts. Though it would have been easy for Aumshanthi to become bogged down in misery and wallow in self-pity, she rose above her sorrow and decided to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. She is not only a survivor but an achiever as well. She decided to move on and took yoga and meditation as her positive energy. After experiencing the beneficial effects herself, she didn’t want to keep the aura it emanates all to herself but wanted others in similar circumstances to benefit as well. She has cRead More...


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This book gives us the knowledge on different kinds of Yoga. As explained by Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita about Karma yoga, Gyaan yoga , bhakti yoga and Raj yoga.

Moksha book removes the dirt of negative energy from our mind and fill it with positive energy. It is a great healer for disturbed and stressed mind.

Yoga is not only performing the Asanas and Pranayama but it is a medium to connect with the God.

The knowledge of soul and the cyc

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Bharat Ki Teerthyatra

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The shivalingam is the divine symbol of Lord Shiva, denoting his universal presence in everything. Shiva is pleased by the expiatory penance of his sincere devotee, and he manifests himself in the form of a Linga .

His indivisible resplendent power is left in the Linga which is subsequently admired as a Jyotirlingam. In the Shiva Puran and other religious scriptures, we come across the description of twelve jyotirlingas in total but there can be more als

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