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Elvira Fernandez

Elvira Fernandez is an avid reader of all kinds of literature, but romance, fantasy and children’s literature top her list. She’s the author of ‘The Ferns and Blooms Trilogy’ - a Fantasy series not just for children but for everyone who is a child at heart. She writes short stories, plays, poems and content for academic books, apart from taking up editing assignments. Her writings have been published by numerous anthologies and e-zines. She has won several awards which include the first prize for an English essay in a competition organized by AINACS in 2019 and the Editor’s Choice CeRead More...

Gulmohar Love

Books by Elvira Fernandez

Gulmohar Love is the first of a two book Romance series – Love under the Gulmohar.

The fiery Gulmohar is in full bloom when Eliana Sharma realizes with horror that she has fallen for her boss, the handsome and equally arrogant Aaditya Bhargava. She strongly feels rather knows that he expects nothing more than her professional expertise. Hadn't he told her that himself?

Or is she mistaken in thinking so? After all Cupid is known to be capricious

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Goodbye Ferns and Blooms

Books by Elvira Fernandez

Goodbye Ferns and Blooms is the third and last book of the Ferns and Blooms trilogy. 

Christmas is here! Santa informs Ms. Patricia about little Susan and her grandmother’s tragedy. Will Ms. Patricia and Snowie succeed in bringing back their smiles? The Magic Forest is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. There are Christmas trees and snowmen, cakes and popcorns and hot cocoa too! Sniffles, the elf, learns a lesson

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More Magic at Ferns and Blooms

Books by Elvira Fernandez

More Magic at Ferns and Blooms is the second book of the trilogy.

Autumn has spread her cloak over Nature, and the trees are dressed in reds and golds. St. Anne’s is playing a basketball match with the Westside boys, their rival school’s team, who are known for their rough game. Will Ankush be able to lead his team to victory? Meanwhile, Barnie and Molly have lost their babies. So, Snowie sets out to help them.


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Magic at Ferns and Blooms

Books by Elvira Fernandez

Magic at Ferns and Blooms is the first of a trilogy for children and teenagers that weaves magic into the day-to-day life of a technologically advancing world where life has become a sprint and nature is more attractive as a game or wall paper on a computer screen or smart phone.

At a time when magic is not so real anymore and technology has taken over, Ms. Patricia Sycamore and her cat Snowie come to live in a cottag

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