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Navdeep Jethi

Navdeep Jethi ‘Dasoham’ is a devoted fan of Mother Goddess and believes that everything happens due to Her will. ‘Voyage to Himavat’ is his debut book of ‘the goddess of victory series’. His profession is to make smiles more captivated and beautiful as a dentist and his passion is to create a universe of pleas for his readers through his writings. He loves to write myth, romance, and comedy. He wants to write literary blockbusters and believes, ‘If you want to live forever, either write something or do something worth writing.’Read More...

Voyage to Himavat

Books by Navdeep Jethi

The one who is born has to die… Is it applicable to human existence and the blue planet on which we live?

I am Shankar, the ancient sailor. Once upon a time, when there were no Himalayas or the holy Ganga when even the humans were not the masters of the earth, we had to escape towards a new destination in a vast ocean, during the great war of nature and its creature, to build the youngest mountain of the world.

But the voyage of life is not ove

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Youngistani Eyes B-)

Books by Navdeep Jethi

'YOUNGISTANI EYES B)' is the poetry, of the youth, by the youth, for the youthful hearts.

' POET IN GOGGLES' views the life in his own frame of mind and has own attitude, opinions and the logics. This book is a walk, through those youthful streets, when the studies seem a burden, the world of hobbies, building career, anxieties about the looks, passion and fashion and so on. T<

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