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Youngistani Eyes B-) Poet in Goggles

by Navdeep Jethi

Format: Paperback

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'YOUNGISTANI EYES B)' is the poetry, of the youth, by the youth, for the youthful hearts.

' POET IN GOGGLES' views the life in his own frame of mind and has own attitude, opinions and the logics. This book is a walk, through those youthful streets, when the studies seem a burden, the world of hobbies, building career, anxieties about the looks, passion and fashion and so on. The poetic songs associated with the life lessons and the experiences of the youth, and day today life activities of youngsters, for the readers of all the ages.

'young malang zindabad'


Navdeep is a dentist, his job is to make smiles more beautiful and his hobbies are expressing his feelings and thoughts as poems in English, Hindi and Punjabi. He also enjoys, writing fiction and dreams to see these stories on screen someday. He is fond of sweets and spicy dishes, loves to watch television and Bollywood movies. He inspired by Guru Nanak Dev ji and Lord Buddha teachings and peace in spirituality. He is devoted to Maa Durga and his teachers , because they are responsible for his achievements in life. He loves his family, respect the women, hates alcohol and drugs, thinks in humanity and follow his dreams.

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Youngistani Eyes B-)





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