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Rajesh Sengamedu

Rajesh Sengamedu is a seeker, yoga and meditation practitioner for over 30 years. Since a child, he was bothered by existential questions – 'Who am I and what is the meaning of all the experiences that I am going through?' Rajesh’s life transformed when he met his Guru, who was able to articulate his goal in life and showed him the perspective of how different daily experiences are stepping stones to reach the goal of life.

Rajesh is also a wellness coach and has trained several hundred people in yoga as well as meditation. His coaching style, based on Vedanta principles, combines Hatha Yoga (bodywork), Pranayama (breath work), meditation (mind work) and diet management.

For over three years, Rajesh conducts online meditation and Bhagavat Gita classes. He is also a mindfulness coach to friends, family and colleagues, focusing on reducing stress, improving the agility of body and mind. He is an active blogger and podcaster on practical applications of Yoga and Vedanta principles leading towards a happy and contented life.


Happiness beyond Mind

Books by Rajesh Sengamedu

Do you find happiness eluding you, despite your successes? Is contentment missing in your life?

Only the ancient, time-tested Spiritual Science of India has answers to why we find our lives meaningless and how to discover meaning in life. It is relevant any day including the current time because it clearly articulates the unflinching higher goal that we all hope to achieve but don’t know what it is. When we connect with the higher goal, everything

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