Swamidhason Francis

Dr. Swami D Francis, Ph.D., born in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, South India, Swami Dhason Francis has a Ph.D degree in Biblical Interpretation. His earlier works 'The Iago Trial' [2010], a novel, 'The Betrayed Disciple' [2013], a play on Judas Iscariot, and 'Unshackling an Apostle' [2014] a research work on The Bible, and 'The Imperial Inquest' [2015] testify that he embellishes his writings with rare details from literary classics, ancient history, traditions, legends and mythologies. He has also written over a dozen plays in Tamil. He is at present in Libya teaching English literature iRead More...


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மகா மணல் சமுத்திரம்

Books by சுவாமிதாசன் பிரான்சிஸ்

தனி மனித அனுபவ உணர்வுகளிலிருந்தே நல்ல எழுத்து தோன்றுகிறது. லிபிய நாட்டு பல்கலைக் கழகத்தில் பணியாற்றிய பேராசிரியர். சுவாமிதாசன் பிரான்சிஸ், மகா மணல் சமுத்திரம் என்ற இந்த ப

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Books by Swami D Francis, Bashir Al-Roubi

An academic book designed to enable learners, especially those familiar with the Bible, to understand the Islamic Scripture without much difficulty as the Quranic and Biblical verses are grouped together under topics comprising certain characters, concepts and events found both in the Bible and the Qur’an.

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வஞ்சிக்கப்பட்ட சீடன்

Books by

உலக இரட்சகர் ஏசுவால் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்ட பன்னிரண்டு சீடர்களில் ஒருவனான யூதாஸ் இஸ்காரியோத், தன் போதகரையே முத்தமிட்டுக் காட்டிக் கொடுத்த ஒரு இழிவான துரோகியா? சாத்தானின்

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The Imperial Inquest

Books by Dr.Swami D.Francis

When the plebian tribune Titus Velerius, commissioned by Liberius Caesar to conduct an Inquest on the death and alleged resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, embarked on his mission, he was as pagan as any Roman Patrician. But a series of events in Caesarea, his meetings with the Jewish leaders, Roman centurions, and followers of Jesus as witnesses changed his attitude; he could understand the Messianic ministry of Jesus in a spiritual light and the cunning natur

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Unshackling An Apostle

Books by Dr. Swami D Francis

This book challenges the traditional Christian belief that Judas Iscariot was a traitor who betrayed his master Jesus Christ. Citing Biblical, traditional and historical sources, the author argues that the biblical betrayal story was just an attempt by the authors of the gospels to give a plausible description to a mysterious scandal in the earthly ministry of Jesus, which was beyond human understanding, logic and loyalty.

Born in Nagercoil, TamilNadu, I

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