by Swami D Francis, Bashir Al-Roubi


Type : Paperback


Summary of the Book

An academic book designed to enable learners, especially those familiar with the Bible, to understand the Islamic Scripture without much difficulty as the Quranic and Biblical verses are grouped together under topics comprising certain characters, concepts and events found both in the Bible and the Qur’an.

About the Author

Dr. Swami D Francis, Ph.D., born in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, South India, Swami Dhason Francis has a Ph.D degree in Biblical Interpretation. His earlier works 'The Iago Trial' [2010], a novel, 'The Betrayed Disciple' [2013], a play on Judas Iscariot, and 'Unshackling an Apostle' [2014] a research work on The Bible, and 'The Imperial Inquest' [2015] testify that he embellishes his writings with rare details from literary classics, ancient history, traditions, legends and mythologies. He has also written over a dozen plays in Tamil. He is at present in Libya teaching English literature in Al-Margeb University, Khomes. He is currently working on his new novel 'The Samson Prism' with the February Seventeen Libyan Revolution as its background.

* * *

Dr. Bashir Al-Roubi, Ph.D., born in Shafeien, Mesalatta, Libya, Bashir Al-Roubi, working in Al-Margeb University since 2006, is the former Head, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Science, Mesalatta of Al-Margeb University. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics with the title (An investigation of Socio-Metacognitive Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension among Libyan EFL Tertiary Learners) from Omdurman Islamic University Sudan.

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