because it's you,  and i know  that you are amazing.  and everyone would die to hold your hand but you're here holding mine.  you're beautiful,  celestial,   Read More...
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Because it's you
                      "सिर्फ तुम"   मैं शायद हूँ,यकीं तुम हो   मेरे चहरे पर   Read More...
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"सिर्फ तुम"
By Lovelesh Bhagat in Poetry
      If you really want to succeed in life, you must contract the source of success-God. God is the source of the success. So many people come and say to me;   Read More...
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Reading my eyes, I wish you know,  You give me wings to fly... Undressing every layer of my mind, I wish you know,  You are in every thoughts... Penetrating my s  Read More...
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My Definition of Love
By Utkarsh Singh in Poetry
"If someone is leaving, don't let go." Yes, if even after making a million attempts, there is stubbornness in someone's eyes to get away from you. So don't stop him,  Read More...
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Who has been able to stop the person going till date…
Love is about being patient with each other.  Love is about showing love and care to each other.  Even when you are fighting with each other.  Love is about waiti  Read More...
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Love is about ❤️
By Musfira in Poetry
I came out of the tution and saw Ananya standing there . That day she was in a blue top - jeans her hair all open , absolutely ravishing. I moved towards her , then   Read More...
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The Pink Rains
By Syed Azim Gyas in Stories
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Eli and Ava
Those were the nights  I actually waited my whole life.  When I realised that in the night sky Where stars aren't just shining  And moon isn't trying to hide from  Read More...
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The First Night
By Afiya zannuba jaleel in Poetry
I know you are my true friend. Who stand with one another, Who support to one another, Who love each other forever. I know our friendship is different. We became a   Read More...
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Friends forever.
By Archana Maurya in Poetry
After a month(which actually seemed like ages) of online dating, I had finally arrived to meet my love in face. We had decided to meet in "Express your love" cafe wh  Read More...
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Express your love
By Tushar in Stories
My dear, love is more powerful  And i dont know how to express it, But I know how you love me. It is pure and selfless, It was you who first expressed your love to   Read More...
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Love, that i cannot deny
Love I shall love you till,  The sun shines in the sky,  And the stars twinkle at night.  Till the single drop of water remains,  In the mighty seas and oceans.  Read More...
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Lost in the thoughts of the mind, We stand worlds apart yet a blink away. Lost in the buzz of the city, We stand a silence away. Lost in the lemons of life, We stand  Read More...
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A world apart
To the one I never expected to stay I still remember you coming out of the car in that black jacket at somewhere around 11P.M. Something that began with an awkward   Read More...
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You are my forever
By Shaily Arora in Poetry