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101 Ways to Create and Innovate

Author Name: Annamalai Natarajan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

5 pigeons were sitting on the roof of a building.   

A hunter shot one of them. How many are left?

Answer: Any number from zero to thousands

The book ‘101 Ways to Create and Innovate’ will

  (i) help you come OUT OF THE BOX and accept, yes, it CAN be zero to thousands

  (ii) provide you with skills to generate all the possibilities from zero  to thousands

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Annamalai Natarajan

Dr A. Balachandran, Senior General Manager, Technology Business Incubator, Vellore Institute of Technology: Having attended his training, I have been using many of the tools and traits taught by Dr. Annamalai in my daily life. After going through this book, I am extremely delighted that his tacit knowledge and domain expertise have been condensed well and has become a permanent knowledge asset to our society. It would have a far reaching effect of impacting more people in the years to come. Creativity being the bedrock of human ingenuity and development needs to be mainstreamed as a subject to be taught in all Schools and Colleges. Until then, this book could be a ready reckoner for anyone wanting to sharpen their creative skills.

Dr A. S. Rao, President, Indian Innovators Association:  The persons you deal with in daily activities - are they creative like Edison? More important, are you creative? Most people would hedge answers as there is widespread belief that creative people are someone extraordinary, in the sense they are not ordinary people one meets in life. This book by Annamalai, output of hundreds of training programs clears wrong perceptions and will make you more creative.

Dr N. Ramani, Former Director, NTTF, Bengaluru: Creativity is an important element in achieving success in the present days of intense global competition, technology changing at blinding speed, supplies far exceeding demand, where the past or present is no guide for future. You better depend on your creative gut feeling for decision making. The book is your guide for that purpose.



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