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Author Name: Ashwini Kumar Pankaj | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Santal Hul is a historical chapter in India's anti-British wars that still inspires us to understand the causes of Hul and its far-reaching effects. This war, which lasted for almost a year, forced the change of the ways of British rule and administration and government policies, especially in Adivasi areas. It is necessary to first consider three major stereotypes perceptions related to Hul. Which not only alienate Hul of being the first Indian people-war for freedom with a mass participation, but also rejects Hul's true character and goal of an anti-colonial Adivasi war.

This compilation has been done with a view to highlighting these aspects of Hul and describing that history in its entirety. So that the historical reasons for the well organized war of the warriors of Hul can be understood. Its purpose is to underline Hul's reality that it was in fact a war fought against the British Raj and their broker zamindari system. Hul was not a rebellion born of any kind of dissent. It was a war against a foreign nation with strongh thought, planning and mass participation. It was a direct fight against colonial power by an Adivasi nation and their sovereign political system.

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Ashwini Kumar Pankaj

Born in 1964, Ashwini Kumar Pankaj is a well-known storyteller on the Adivasi issues in the country. One of the seven children of the Dr. M.S. 'Awadhesh' and late Kamala. Vandana Tete's is life-partner since 1991. Creative presence in all mediums of expression- theatre, poetry, storytelling, criticism, journalism, documentary, print and web. Special work on Adivasi language-culture and history of Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Founding member of Ulugulan Sangeet Natya Dal, Ranchi. Publisher and editer of  'Bidesia' (1987), 'Haka' (1995), 'Johar Sahia' (2006) and 'Johar Disum Khabar' (2007). Currently editing and publishing the quarterly magazine of theater and performing arts 'Rangvarta'.
So far, 'Penalty Corner', 'Isi Sadi Ke Asur', 'Salo', 'Ath Durgam Asur Hatya Katha' and 'AdivasiPrem Kahaniyan' (story-collection); 'Jo Mitti Ki Nami jante Hain' and 'Khamoshi Ka Arth Parajay Nahin Hota' (collection of poems); ‘Yudh Aur Prem’ and ‘Bhasha Kar Rahi Hai Dawa’ (long poem); ‘Ab Hamar Haq Banela’ (Nagpuri translation of Hindi poems); ‘Chhainh Me Raud’ (Nagpuri translation of Dushyant’s ghazals); ‘Ek Arashtriya Vaktavya’ (Pol.); ‘Rang Bidesia’ (ed. On Bhikhari Thakur); 'Shunyakal Men Adivasi, 'Upniveshvad Aur Adivasi Sangharsh' and 'Adivasi Aur Vikas Ka Bhadralokt', 'Adivasi Aur Gandhi', 'Adivasiiyat', 'Hindi Ki Aarambhik Adivasi Kahaniyan'; 'Adivasidom', 'Samvidhan-Sabha Men Jaipal' (ed.); Magahi novel 'Khanti Kikatiya' published on life-struggle of Aajeevak Makkhali Goshal and Hindi novel 'Mati Mati Arcati' focused on Adivasi indentured labour.



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