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369 Manifestation Journal Script your Dream Life

Author Name: Asit Bhaskar Satm | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This journal consists of a 60 day programme with voluminous pages with ruled lines to write your precise affirmations to achieve your goals. It can happen alot earlier. If you achieve your goal early, you can start with a fresh affirmation.

Do you want to manifest your deepest desires and achieve your goals ? If so, then the 369 Manifestation Journal is for you ! This wonderful Journal dwells into the methods and techniques of 369 Manifestations. You can turn your desires into reality by scripting your affirmations in a specific way consistently.

Once you start scripting, you will come across various opportunities to make it true, seize those opportunities and move ahead in your goal. Create the life of your dreams with the help of Nikola Tesla's 369 Law of Attraction technique and Attract Abundance money good health and a happy family.

This Journal helps you to focus on your goals and brings them into reality. It is a tool that allows you to see your desires manifest before your eyes. With this technique you can create the future you desire. 369 is a daily event that helps you to focus on your goals and take control of your life.

Just devote few minutes of your time and see the results. The 369 Journal has been designed to help you identify, clarify and achieve your goals by focusing on what really matters most in your life. 

It is suggested that you start with small goals initially to gain confidence on this process..

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Asit Bhaskar Satm

The Author is a financial Consultant and invests and trades in Indian and Global (USA) equity markets personally since last 17 years.

After repeated failures in the stock markets and loosing most of the capital, he came across this manfestation technique which he rigourously practised with all his intentions to suceed in the stock market.

In this journey he came across the concept of Technical Analysis of stocks and took it as an oppurtunity to suceed in it.

He studied the subject thoroughly, incorporated it in his affirmations and started practising it. The results were stupendous