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9/11- seize-5 super magnetic train

Author Name: Veera Venkat R.M.Y | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A super swift train, with 1500 passengers and 250 staff, running at a mind-blowing speed of 1200 KMPH, which can neither be stopped nor slowed, is seized for a ransom of a trillion dollars.

When a strong negative force like terrorism is at large, God always creates an equal or superior positive force.

Join this positive journey against terrorism, and you’ll be guaranteed with a stream of solutions for global emancipation, peace and prosperity.

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Veera Venkat R.M.Y

Author Veera Venkat R.M.Y. was one of the happiest persons in the world till 9/11. He has an MBA in travel and tourism apart from other educational qualifications. He has a lot of practical experience in many fields – he was a small time hotelier for twenty-seven years in India, worked in the movie industry for three years and was involved with about thirty-eight Indian films, had experience in food business and trading, and was also a full-time member of the police force. All these experiences really helped him a lot when all of a sudden he turned into a writer after 9/11.

Suddenly, after 9/11, when more than 20,000 flights were cancelled, he was shocked and said, “This will ruin the world in all aspects,” because, globally, travel and tourism is always the highest business, followed by IT and the rest.

His words came true. Slowly, as years passed, with his later writings Jesus Returns and End of Evil, books which created debates and discussions both in print and electronic media, the world was under turmoil due to the stealthy acts of Honorable George W. Bush. Slowly, the clouds of darkness cleared as he pointed every mistake in the globe, along with the blunders that all led to ripples of disasters. It’s time for the world to utilize his simple solutions, which lead the world into peace and prosperity.