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A Book of Memories

Author Name: Meghana Khaspa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Any soul on this earth when leaves for heaven does not carry money, luxury, propeties, etc. with them but all they take with them is their memories. If something belongs rightfully to somenone forever, then I firmly believe it is only their memories that they own.
            'A Book of Memories ' is an anthology that aims to capture every such moment that we can never forget. 32 co authors have beautifully penned down their feelings and emotions about their unforgettable memories. 
            This anthology is published under Shahanshah publications and the compiler of this anthology is Meghana Khaspa

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Meghana Khaspa

"She loves to find beauty in words in search of incredible piece of writing "

Meghana Khaspa, a city girl, also known as 'Maggi' has a different
view towards this so called 'world'. She is a bold and extrovert kind of girl
who believes in herself first.
She has also co-authored for around 15+ books and loves animals,
fashion, esports, to read fictional articles and anime comics and to write
poems. She is a student in monetary and business related fields and is
obsessed with financial and profit relating fields. She has a great view and
plans towards her future.



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