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A Book With Words

Author Name: Prathana Vaid | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details
Every book contains words, but this one is different. It contains different kinds of phases a person goes through in this video game called 'life'. It has love, hate, misery, forgiveness and a lot to discover. Every page you turn, you will find another poem and will tend to read it as you might think, it will be somewhere related to you. But it's not only you. It's about all the people living in this world. It lists 50 poems with 30 quotations, all related to you. In some parts, 'forgiveness' will turn into 'ego' and 'hate' will turn into 'love'. Somewhere it will be an incompleted story and somewhere it will be a story which will never end. Somewhere it will a never-ending love and somewhere it will be hate throughout life. But the words will be quite the same somewhere, but their meanings will be different. These words will go on forever and may never end.
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Prathana Vaid

Prathana Vaid was born on the 10th of May, 2006. Till now, she has lived 13 years of life and in those 13 years, she has accomplished one part of her dream. She began writing when she was 10 years old. She wrote essays that were given to her in the form of homework in her school and her teachers always praised her for the gift she had in writing and said she is going to do something big. She took it too seriously. She started writing short stories, but the work she does in writing poems will be nothing compared to any other work she does. She thought of doing something big and planned it and accomplished it. Her first book 'Second Chance' steal some of the hearts and she prays her second book does too.