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A Candle Flame Glows My Memoires of Mama Shirin

Author Name: Nargis Khalid | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Shards of glass, in heaps, falling from somewhere above. You do not see, but you can just hear them.

An eerie, abandoned graveyard, with dilapidated tombstones, dimly lit with a pale glow of moonlight. The moon seems to be in mourning!

Mysterious encounters with those from another world, with warnings or messages of their well-being.

Strong fragrance of flowers and incense, suddenly from nowhere, but resulting in news of some ones death.

Fiercely holding onto a child, who is a reincarnation of her own daughter, will Shirin be able to hold onto her forever?

There are so many happier moments too. So, let this story lead you through a labyrinth of mysterious happenings, love, hopes, struggles, and laughter, to emerge victorious in the end.


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Nargis Khalid

Nargis Khalid, born in India and brought up in Pakistan, is an artist and art educator since her thirties. She is married and has two grown-up children. Although a US citizen, she moved to Dubai along with her husband, who was assigned to develop Iranian insurance.

In Dubai, Nargis was an active participant in the establishment of Dubai International Art Center and taught art at a leading college. She also participated in several local and international shows.

She came to Pakistan in 2010, when the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan offered her an opportunity to teach in Islamabad. Currently, she works as a professor at COMSATS Institute of Information Islamabad.

This is her first book—dedicated to her grandmother, Shirin Ahmed, who was her inspiration during her early years and helping her to emerge later as a successful artist.