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a cup of life for two

Author Name: Samica Mehta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

spoken words are not enough, perhaps why we put them in a book. love is a giant turd —words are chaos, it is the sea upside down, and a delusion of galaxy on the floor. this is your saliva, it remains in your mouth and when in need, you may rub it on a bleeding wound. it is the sensation of the creator, you on your knees with your emotions in a cup of tea. wearing your heart with pride on your sleeve. there is no two ways to put it — i am giving you the permission to fall apart. i am telling you that when you walk miles with the fog of failure or the suffering of success on your shoulders, you humanise in ways you cannot decipher.

how can we even tell, where one begins and the other ends? if we look too deep for what it means, we might forget what we came for.

a cup of life for two celebrates the survival of words.
there is nobody i will never not write for.

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Samica Mehta

samica mehta is a professional movement artist and author from India. her efforts reside in raising awareness about mental, emotional and physical wellness. on any random day, you may find her with three cups of tea next to a pile of Pina Bausch, Charles Bukowski and Kahlil Gibran books on a dirty floor, sniffing the grass for rotten souls. for a poetess, she is a woman of a few words — so she put them in a book. currently pursuing her masters in contemporary dance at the irish world academy of music and dance, university of limerick. you can find her on instagram (samicamehta), wordpress ( or email (



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