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A Journey into soulscape

by Moin Qazi

Format: Paperback

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This book is largely a result of notes compiled by the author during the course of his studies and readings that straddled a vast canvas of life; spiritualism, academics, journalism, law, philosophy and literature. It is not a discourse but is truly a journey into the soul, and an initiation. ­ The pages of this book are a strange mixture of analytic thought, mysticism, literature, eastern philosophies, western thought, religions, the sciences, psychology and the arts. ­ The book surely has its own window. But the window invites us to open our own windows to look through the prism of every human being so that we know, understand and appreciate each other better. The author has drawn from a vast range of sources that span continents and cultures. What emerges is a kaleidoscopic canvas of shimmering stars of wisdom. ­ Through this collection of essays, the author has tried to open the minds of people to a new view of humanity.

Moin Qazi has doctorates in Economics and English literature and has spent more than three decades in the development sector working in poverty alleviation projects. He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Manchester. He has also served on deputation to the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rome and Ministry of Rural Development Government of Malaysia. He has authored four collections of poems for which he was awarded an Honorary DLitt at World Congress of Poets held at Istanbul. At college he was awarded the UNESCO World Politics Essay Gold Medal and the Gandhi Centenary Essay Gold Medal. He has contributed articles to Indian and foreign publications including ­ The Times of India, Statesman, ­The Economic Times, ­ The Hindu, ­ Third World Features (Malaysia), SIDA Rapport (Sweden), Depth News (Philippines), Far Eastern Economic Review and Asiaweek (Hong Kong ), apart from writing several academic books.



A Journey into soulscape





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