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A Need to Relook at Islam

Author Name: Moin Qazi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

In this book, the author, Moin Qazi, has explored the significant themes of Islam in both the classical and modern contexts. He has authored several books on Islam with a distinct and unique approach to the subject. Islam remains a staggeringly diverse and complicated religion in its geographical and political reach, making reforms difficult.

Every religious ideal has a historical time and context. The circumstances for its realization will not be sufficient to sustain any perpetual decree or pronouncement sustainably. The reform process is inevitable and is instrumental in bringing about a religious ideal and giving it dynamic momentum, inclusiveness, flexibility, etc. While the reform advocates change, we must remember that the underlying cultural nuances, particularly the last mile ones, ensure the dynamism that regulates the various balancing checks in preserving and safeguarding the existing values, norms, ideals, decrees, etc. and provide improvised means of implementing them simultaneously. It propagates gradual change in certain aspects of social, religious, ideological, etc. realms rather than in rapid, fundamental, or revolutionary ways. 

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Moin Qazi

An economist by training and a social worker by practice, Moin Qazi is an author, researcher and development professional who has spent four decades in the development sector. He is a firm believer in learning from communities in their environments. The author has contributed articles to leading global publications, authored several books, and has worked with the development sector for almost four decades.

He began his early career as a development journalist. While still at college, he began writing on issues relating to the plight of child labourers and leading efforts against it. His work ultimately received the attention of Indian courts, leading to a series of reforms for child labourers.

He worked for over three decades at the State Bank of India, where he did stellar work in microfinance and was instrumental in rolling out several unique initiatives. He was also associated with NITI Aayog. He played a crucial role in empowering women and the education of girl children in rural areas, along with efforts to create affordable housing programmes for low-income individuals. He writes regularly for several newspapers and journals.

He holds PhDs in English and Economics and has authored more than a dozen books on diverse themes.



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