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A SAGA OF LOVE: The Holy Cross And The Sacred Thread

Author Name: K.K SASIKUMAR | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Both he and she were born almost at the same time. Nothing strange about it except that it happened about 2000 years back, that also attwo different places separated by, may be, more than 2000 miles. From the moment they were born, they knew they were destined to meet and be together and hence had to travel through spacetime, birth after birth, under different identities. She travelled from Jerusalem to Edessa in Turkey, then to Kodungalloor and then to Kottayam. He moved from a coastal village in Gujarat in India through the Mangroves of Konkan, to the fertile Greeneries of Tulunad and finally to Thrissur. As they were destined to meet, meet they did ,to take up the remaining part of their journey together.

You can give them any names - Genes, Souls or Spirits

This book is all about THEIR memories stretching over Millenniums and Miles, to the 1950s and then to 1973 when it acquired a more contemporary flavour.

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K.K. Sasikumar was born on 10th of October 1948 in Avinissery, a village in Thrissur District, Kerala. He was born to Sri. Kalloor Kumaran Nambudiripad, a school teacher and Smt. Sreedevi Antharjanam, a home maker. He had his schoolings in nearby local schools. Having been born in a traditional Mantravadi (Sorcery) family, he was initiated to the family tradition and not only learnt but practiced Manthravadam for a very short period. However, he did not feel any inclination to continue in this line and came out of it completely.

Sasikumar took his Engineering Degree from NIT Warangal, Andhra Pradesh (presently Telangana). It was there he met his soulmate and future wife, Valsa who was also pursuing her Degree in Electrical Engineering in the same institute. Valsa being a Catholic from an endogamous sect and Sasi being from another endogamous community called Namboothiri, it was almost impossible for them to sail the boat of life without a hurricane. In spite of all hurdles, they got married in 1973.

After working in various places like Mumbai, Karnataka, Nigeria and Andhra Pradesh, they now live in Sharjah, UAE.

This is the first formal book from Sasikumar. His other areas of interest are Genetics, Astro Physics, Evolutionary History and Music.



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