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A Story of Mine

Author Name: Dhatree Suneeth Maradana | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

People come and people go. While few leave us instantly, few come and stay forever. This is a story about those people who stay, support and make you live

Archita is someone Teja adored for two years yet couldn’t confront her due to his insecurities of rejection. Once they meet and think that things are finally falling into place, a tornado arises in the form of a stranger from the past, whom they thought that they had left behind. Clashing with their present, chasing them now, and changing their lives forever.

Love stories show us life from a different perspective, a pain that feels okay because, at the end of the day, love is pain.

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Dhatree Suneeth Maradana

Dhatree Suneeth Maradana is a Telugu-born writer who comes from a middle-class family. He was grown and brought up in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. While pursuing his engineering at Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha engineering college in Vijayawada, he found his interest in writing. In 2018, he started posting his work on Instagram on his public page called dha3s_writeups. Soon he received appreciation and more people became fond of his writings. He further enhanced his creativity by publishing some short stories in Wattpad namely: The confused love story, That Week, 7 pm walk, A managed 22, Someone interesting. These short stories are based on many emotions, in which he expresses unbearable pain with his words. The mature love stories that flow from him are so heart-touching that readers often end up with tiny drops of water in the corner of their eyes.

He draws his inspiration from the motivation given by his father. He is 24 now and is currently pursuing Masters in Business Administration from GITAM University (Vizag). He got through his first novel (A STORY OF MINE) by taking short breaks while making progress on his interest in writing. It has been an exquisite journey for him while writing this novel.

He has gone through every emotion in his real life, which he frames into sentences that captivate your mind and heart as you read this book. He is a good human being with a kind heart and rage under control. He is no different than us but he succeeded in finding his passion and loves helping others with his words.



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