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A Wrong Visit To Town

Author Name: Ankit Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The story takes place in the fictional town of 'Karimbigiri', which is located a few miles away from Shimla. A number of people and visitors are mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the greenery of the place. What they don't know is that the town harbors a dark secret which is known to only the people who resides there. 

The law and order is just a myth and the one who talks about justice disappears the next day or his corpse is found in the worst state. 

The story is told with the point of view of the three unrelated characters who are the new visitors of the town. 

The first is a twenty six year old young boy who has left his preparation of his banking exams in order to secure a corporate job. His life is upturned whena girl who happens to be his cooleague goes missing without any trace. When he receives no help from anyone, he decides to go on his own and find the truth behind her mysterious disappearance. 

The second one is newly posted female cop. She voluntarily takes up an unsolved case of the death of a young girl but is hindered by the intervention of the colleagues in her own department. 

The third one is a special task force officer who is sent undercover to uncover a criminal ring involved in illegally manufacturing of weapons and supplying to anti social elements of the society. 

The three different stories comes to a common point when it is found that all are connected to the person in the town who misuses his power to control the law and order.

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Ankit Singh

The author, Ankit Singh write thriller novellas and short stories. Ankit is currently pursuing his studies and has a vision to become an established fiction writer. Ankit has been writing stories as his for last seven years but got seriously into it since November 2021 when he decided to get his work published. 

Till now he has published half a dozen of books. Apart from writing, Ankit loves to listen music, sketching, writing blogs as well as articles and is an avid lover of watching movies. He usually gathers the idea of writing stories by reading newspapers mixed with some of his own imaginative events. 

Addition to this he listen to podcasts and interviews of different writers, whether Indian or western who inspires him to delve into the world of fiction. According to him, in this competitive world, the stories are the only thing that gives him actual inner peace in order to escape the reality of the world.