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Aapka Vayapayar Khatam Nahi Hua. Abhi Tak. Ya Kaise, 101 Amal Karne Yogya Sujhav Aapko Ek Safal Udyogpati Bana Saktein Hain

by Prakash Bang

Format: Paperback

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Every other element in an enterprise can be won back. That the customers will return is not guaranteed.Customers are the very purpose of us entrepreneurs and businesspeople to be around. Our efforts are futile if they refuse to be on our side. I have penned my thoughts through the years of learning from the marketplace. Most of my thoughts are quite contrary to popular teachings. And because my beliefs have worked, I would like to stick to them. I have never worked for anybody. I was my boss all throughout my career. And because I had nobody to pass the buck at, I was responsible and accountable for all my doings. Along with my head, my money was at stake. Talking of money, I have earned enough to live a happy life. Be warned, this book is not a guarantee to make you stinking rich; it's only an attempt to make you successful.Go ahead. Be a winner.Prakash Bang


Prakash Bang is a marketing strategist.   He started his career at age 14 as a door-to-door salesman. Though he has his Honours in Physics and a Masters in Business Administration, he picked up the ropes from the streets. Slamming doors and barking dogs were his University.   In his practical experience spanning over 45 years, he has mentored many business ideas... some quite ahead of their times. He has been featured many times in the media. His one-day workshops have motivated managers to relook at their business models.   This book encompasses his management philosophies.   Prakash believes that his thoughts will be of help to entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspeople as   well. And because Prakash comes with an



Aapka Vayapayar Khatam Nahi Hua. Abhi Tak.







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