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Aetheria: Lost Horizon

Author Name: Rohit R | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In a post-apocalyptic world, seventeen-year-old Ethan Turner, a resilient survivor, unearths a hidden message from his missing father, leading him on a perilous journey to the rumored utopia of 'New Eden.' Teaming up with Captain Grace Thompson, scientist Dr. Samuel Collins, and others, Ethan confronts secrets and a corrupt regime, sparking a rebellion that challenges him to discover the strength within to rewrite a broken world's destiny.

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Rohit R

Rohit R. is a psychology major who is making his debut as an author with a passion for crafting fantasy-adventure stories infused with a hint of mystery. While his literary career is just beginning, Rohit's deep love for exploring the human psyche and imagination has led him to the world of fiction. His first novel promises to take readers on an enchanting journey into realms of wonder and intrigue. When he's not engrossed in the realms of psychology or writing, Rohit can often be found immersed in epic tales, building fantastical worlds, or delving into the mysteries of the human mind. Embark on an exciting adventure with Rohit R. as he unveils his unique storytelling vision in his debut work.