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Age of Pi and Prose The Incredible three Indian decades that taught “The World to Count” And “Asia to rule”

Author Name: Venkatesh Rangan | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Between 476 CE and 505 CE, three heroic “makers of history” from India laid the seeds of a massive transformation in human society; the effects of which we still feel today. Budhagupta Vikramaditya, the heroic warrior emperor, unified a polarized and disintegrating country, defeated the “world conquering” armies of the Huns, appointed mentors to the Nan Qi emperors of Southern China and paved the way for organized state formation in Tibet. He organized a series of mega conferences that powered a transformative intellectual ferment. Two products of the intellectual ferment of these years were the child prodigy, Aryabhata, and the literary giant, Subandhu.

In the wider realm of world politics and society, the effects of events of these three decades in India laid the foundation for some of the most defining moments of civilizational history. These moments included the unification of the Korean peninsula in the 7th cent, the consolidation of imperial control by the Soga clan in Japan, the transformation of Chinese polity, a redefinition of Sassanian kingship in Persia and an intellectual revolution in late medieval Europe. This book is a non-fiction narrative of this incredible yet rare story of three Indians who in a short span of thirty years created a whole new world.

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Venkatesh Rangan

Venkatesh is a historical non-fiction writer who has written books and research papers and presented his ideas at several government and private academic institutions. His first book, The First Republic, was well received by a wide spectrum of readers and won acclaim from several celebrated public intellectuals. For the current work, Venkatesh has researched several rare historical Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts and inscriptions. He has also studied Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Persian texts for the same. A key motivation for Venkatesh’s enquiries into the past has been to bring alive unsung and inadequately represented stories and personalities from Indian history.



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