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All Colours Are Beautiful

Author Name: Geetanjali Chauhan | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

All is well in the Anderson backyard until Mr Anderson brings home two pencil cases for his daughters, Lily and Daisy, sparking a contest over their favourite colour. The chaos makes Mrs Anderson intervene, taking everyone on a colourful adventure. Lily and Daisy must learn the importance of every hue if they want to enjoy their presents. 

Join the Andersons in a kaleidoscope of love and learning to celebrate the diversity of every tint. After all, all colours are beautiful!

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Geetanjali Chauhan

A dawn dynamo, Geetanjali is a passionate writer who draws inspiration from the ordinary and transforms it into something special. Born with a love for cartoons, anime, and reading, she found her way into literature at an early age. A child at heart, she loves integrating illustrations and colours in her works. 

Geetanjali sees children as the future and believes they have the power to change the world through the stories that shape their hearts and minds. As some of the most profound lessons are often found in the midst of play, she aims to create fun and engaging stories while imparting valuable life lessons to young readers.