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All For Baby Memories Wrapped with Love

Author Name: Dr. Nitika Sobti | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

This scrapbook is a memory-making project that will become a lovely gift that your baby and you can enjoy together. This is where you can personalize your journey ecause this scrapbook is all about collecting and recording your unique experiences. Writing down experiences, pasting pictures and enjoying the activities will create a fun, enthusiastic atmosphere that will be beneficial for both your baby and you. It is time to go ahead and fill up your treasure chest of memories. Moreover, you will find beautiful letters to the baby by mommy and daddy to-be.


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Dr. Nitika Sobti

Dr. Nitika Sobti has been working as a Principal Consultant & Unit Head {Gynecologist/Obstetrician} at Max Hospital, since 2002 and is presently in Max Hospital, Gurgaon. Through her own personal experiences, experiments and scientific application during pregnancy, she discovered that the thoughts and emotions of the mother have immense power in completely influencing the personality of the baby in the womb.

Being a practitioner, she realized how stressfully expecting mothers and their families used to take pregnancy, and the number of women facing ‘Tokophobia’, meaning fear of pregnancy, was increasing. Keeping this in mind, she started to apply her findings on her own patients, and after successful evidence, decided to launch the Virtue Baby project for the benefit of all pregnant couples across the world. Dr. Nitika Sobti began the “Virtue Baby” program in 2013 with an aim to provide inspiration, information and assistance to expecting parents for imbibing virtues and nurturing the baby in the womb. Through her program, she has been taking care of expecting mothers’ thoughts and feelings as they create hormones, which are responsible for their babies’ overall physical and emotional development, and a long-lasting effect on the children’s personalities.

She began to counsel expecting parents through her workshops. The workshops empowered the would be parents and their families and helped them understand and create a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience. Gradually, she thought of writing three self published books: All for baby, Virtue Baby Story book and Womb conversation book , to use these as tools to connect, bond and understand their unborn child as well as record and share their experiences during this magical phase of creating a divine life in the womb.