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An Emotion of Heart

Author Name: Jitesh Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

It has been two years of writing and now give him 30 seconds to persuade you to read this book.

If you are intrigued by love and especially have been keen to know more about the same then this book is just for you. It will take you into a very beautiful life one can have, filled with love inside to provide this world as a present.

Through the heart of the author you will feel the different and numerous emotions from the emotion called “love”.

“An Emotion Of Heart” is not just a book of poems but a tangible life of the author which he has been gone through, all his beautiful and bittersweet moments.

He lives in longing of someone!

                 He believes 
“the people of recent time deserve
              to be loved more”.

He would like to help you learn how to make every single word count.
Speaking of which - counting,
mean are my 30 seconds up ?
Ok, then just buy this damn book.
Thank you !

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Jitesh Kumar

Jitesh kumar, also known as Jikku, is a vigorous writer from kota,

India. He is very passionate about writing and he aims to be productive with his passion and career.

Recently he has completed his bachelor's degree in computer science engineering and now he is working as a Graphic Designer.

He is 22 years old, trying to express him in front of this world and 

he knows that this world needs to be loved more. His poetry is all about to live a life full of love.

It has been two years now when he started writing because of 

an incident when he lost his love, he picked the pen and tried 

to put all his pain on a blank paper and now all that led him here.

He says that he can’t write a single word when his heart is silent 

but when it says even a single word he can write a page on it.

This Book is his solo and debut book. A man who has big dreams in life, has started going on it’s path.

He believes in God ( Lord Krishna ) and try to walk on krishna’s path,

He have read Shrimad Bhagawad Gita and he asks people to read it

and act upon it because no question is there whose answer is not given in it.

Next to God, his family is entire world to him and he aims to accomplish every dream of his parents. At the age of nine,

he lost his uncle, was just 24, in an accident. He was greatly 

pampered by his uncle and loosing him was the biggest holocaust 

for him.

Either writing or any art comes from heart, heart which has pain and he believes that every single person have the same pain with different stories so he writes the way people can relate and somewhere these words can heal their pain. it’s impossible to meet every single person and hug them so he wants to hug this world by his words. And he believes these words can be voice of voiceless people around the world. 

He believes in self and wants to bring 

something that motivates and inspire his

surrounding people by which they start believing in 

themselves too because acoording to him we are all 

upto so much more than we can ever imagine.

His verse 

“that’s the way of life,

everything that happened is right” 

contains a positive spirit that everything happens, happens for a reason and for a better tomorrow. He felt down when he lost his love but he couldn’t be able to write if that would’t be happened.

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