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Feel The Wind

Books by Chandrika Moorthi

For me, hardness and success are like a chocolate and vanilla. Both flavours are essential to make a delicious cake. As, it is important to feel the hardness and success to realise the real fruitiness of having this life. “Feel the Wind”, it expressing the life’s both sides and cherish you with our words. 
After every storm there will be the deadliest silent which makes us too panic of living. As, after having any kind of p

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Books by अविषेक सरकार

कभी-कभी ऐसा लगता है के बहुत कुछ कहना है मगर कोई सुनने वाला नहीं, तारीफ़ करने को जी करता है, कुछ हालातों पर गुस्सा आता है, पर सब कुछ समेटकर ज़िन्दगी यूँ ही गुज़रती रहती है। फ़िर अचान

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Books by Jay Gupta

The story starts when a teenage boy encounters something supernatural , things which we call as Ghosts. What sounds like a normal horror encounter as it happens in movies actually turns out to be an new aspect of the exisisting world as the story unfolds. The story follows up his struggles and fights in order to find what actually is happening around him and how to get his life back to normal while learning truths about the world.

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The Mystery Box

Books by Roma N. Dessai

This is an extremely powerful and intriguing story of a young girl Sophia and her friends . Sophia and her friends visit her Farmhouse for a stay where they find a unique box. After they reach the farmhouse they learn many secrets which they were unaware of.

Sophia’s parents embarks on a journey of mysteries behind the box which leads them to many surprises. 

An innocent mistake leads to behavioral changes in

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Feelings Of Unsaid Words

Books by Aman Baghel

First of all welcome to my book, which is full of positiveness and peace. No matter you’re broken or lost we will find a way and fix it. This book is about feelings ,what we feel and the feelings which remains unsaid.The feelings that used to make you cry but not anymore . This book has lot’s of quotes and in every page of book you’ll find change in emotion like you feel in your life and I assure you, you end up this book with full of joy a

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Aghori- An Untold Story

Books by Mayur Kalbag

Aghori- an untold story

Is a vibrantly colored collage of varied experiences that the protagonist, Subraiya or Subbu as he is fondly addressed as goes through. Subbu’s extremely deep and earnest desire to know more about the Aghori Sadhus / Babas becomes the basis of this most unique and indelible journey of adventures and experiences.

The book is not just a story but an opportunity for the reader to experience an ex

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आध्यात्मिक यात्रा

Books by मुग्धा चंदेल

मैंने यह कवितायें कभी ठहरकर, विचार कर नहीं बनायीं। कभी कलम हाथ में पकड़कर घन्टों चिंतन नहीं किया। मेरी सभी कविताएं मेरे साथ होनेवाली , घटनेवाली स्थितियों में अपने आप उभर आयीं। म

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Books by स्वाति चरण पहाड़ी

इस पुस्तक में लेखिका ने अपने विचारों और भावनाओं को शब्दों का रूप दे कर कविता में पिरोया है। यह पुस्तक रिश्ते, प्रेम, मानवता, देश-प्रेम, प्रेरक कविताओं का संकलन है। इस पुस्तक के मा

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Books by Harini Ganga Ashok

Love is a definitionless beautiful feeling. One can have a love for people, things or the work they do. Mankind is incomplete without love. Remember, life is too short to love and to be loved. Here in this book, you can feel the love inked in words. Poetry is always bliss. Expressing love through poetry adds more elegance to love. Relate those magical incidents with your life incidents.

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Cascading Thoughts

Books by Ekta Goshi

This book is a compilation of different forms of poems. Each of them is a class apart. Few of them are motivational verses, others are about love, while some are heart wrenching realities of life. It is a symphony of the author’s heart, brain and soul forming catalytic words resulting in exquisite poetry. They are soothing in their own way and some can make you change your perspective towards life. The readers are in for a joy ride along with certain

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ड्यू ड्रोप्स

Books by लिज़ा पटेल

ओस में ताजगी होती है और इसकी तुलना यौवन की ताजगी से की जाती है। "एक राजा का क्रोध शेर की दहाड़ के समान होता है, लेकिन उसकी कृपा घास पर ओस की तरह होती है।" वास्तव में एक शेर की दहाड़ क

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Sealed Words

Books by Archi

This book is an account of a meeting that happened in my life. The race of my life slowed down the day I became a part of this meeting. In this book, my feelings, my words, every thought going on in my mind has been kept... I want every person reading this to understand that every event that happens in life is necessary and Can't say when some incidents and meeting will become your life.

This book consists of quotes related to my life.....

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Books by सोमेश ठाकुर

प्रस्तुत किताब " शुभमेश " में सभी सह लेखकों ने अपनी उत्कृष्ट रचनाओं से किताब को बेहद ही खूबसूरत रूप दिया है। सभी सह लेखकों ने
" शुभमेश " किताब को नया रूप देने का प्रयास किया

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Peace & Panacea

Books by Sailee Tiwari

The book is based on the theme of peace and healing. It comprises myriad poems based on attaining peace, understanding healing, feeling the journey through it or seeking and having the quest for solace. The poems/write-ups are written by 52 poets across the world who are keen and passionate about writing and have an ardent desire to be a part of the book. They have entirely put their heart and soul into it and wholeheartedly supported the cause of the book by

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ट्रिब्यूट् टू नेशन

Books by रोहन & निधि

प्रस्तुत किताब "ट्रिब्यूत टू नेशन" मैं संचालक ने सभी लेखकों से सविनय कविता को 
मातृभूमि के प्रती प्रेम को दर्शाने को कहाँ है, यहंन किताब मैं सभी कविओ ने कलम के ज़रिये मातृभूमि क

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Blissy Black

Books by Harini Ganga. A

We may look into variants of colors but Black always stays unique. Here in this book, Blissy black, an anthology compiled by Harini Ganga Ashok. The fantabulous 50 co-authors have drizzled their magical emotions into stunning write-ups and made this book special. They have penned under the open theme and genre where authors spray their love on words.

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Shri Universe

Books by R R Nisha Shri

I sincerely dedicate my book to God. I owe it to my parents for having sent me to school, giving me the best education possible and my teachers without whom I couldn't made my book possoble. I thank my family and friends who are a constant support system eternally

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Quilled Hearts

Books by Malkah Razeena Khatoon

Poetry is a literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.

Reading or writing poetry creates a space for empathy, for seeing another person, for bearing witness to our common humanity. Whether it's written or spoken, poetry can be a powerful tool to aid in healing. It offers an opportunity for readers, writers, and speake

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फेरी टैलस

Books by किंजल पटेल

प्रस्तुत किताब " फैरी टेल्स " मैं सभी लेखक ने चाह है की सम्प्रदाय के प्रती इंसान के जीवन मैं होने वाला प्रेम के हर पहलू को दर्शाया है।
सभी कवि ने जीवन, प्रकृती, एवम्ं जीव जन्तू, देव-

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किस्सा उनकी याद KA

Books by आर्ची

ये क़िताब मेरे जीवन में घटी एक मुलाक़ात का लेखा जोखा है । मेरे जीवन की भाग दौड़ उस रोज़ धीमी पड़ गयी, जिस रोज़ मैं इस मुलाकात का हिस्सा बनी। इस किताब में मेरे एहसास मेरी बातें मेरे ज़ेहन मे

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Fairy Tales

Books by Kinjal

The Book Fairy Tales Consists Of Wonderful Journey About Love,
Life, & many More.
The Book Have A Bunches Of Wonderful Scribblings By 34 Talented Writers. 

The Motto Behind The Book Is To Spread Love In Everyones Life,
As Its The Universal Truth After Darkness Their Will Be Light.
Every Co-auther of this book has shared their closest Feelings which touches the ones heart which makes them go through different emotions. This book con

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Mixture Of Emotions

Books by Liza Patel

Ever felt the happiness and sadness at the same time?? 
Mixture of emotions is all about the mixed emotions through which everyone goes once in a life. 
This book wants you to do everything with emotions- connecting everything with emotions will lead you to create a new thing and it will lead you to a new unknown journey towards your unknown Dreams.

Mixture of emotions  is an anthology that includes Seventy six Co-authors &n

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Because Of You

Books by Dharshini .m & E. Arun Gnana Mozhi

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association, and has been studied in academic fields such as communication, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.Friendship, a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. In all cultures, friendships are important relationships throughout a person's life span.Friendliness is a quality

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So Much Unsaid

Books by Rohan Nath & Nidhi Shukla

The Book So Much Unsaid Consists Of Wonderful Quotes About Love,
Motivation,Life,Inspiration & many More.
The Book Have A Bunches Of Quotes By 35 Wonderful Writers. 

The Motto Behind The Book Is To Spread Light In Darkness,
As Its The Universal Truth After Darkness Their Will Be Light.
Every Co-auther of this book has shared their closest emotions which touches the ones heart which makes them go through different emotions. This boo

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Books by सोमेश ठाकुर

प्रस्तुत किताब  "सफ़र ख़ुद से ख़ुद तक "  में लेखक ने  धार्मिक , सामाजिक , और स्वदेश प्रेम को अपने शब्दों में पिरोने की कोशिश की है और समाज के हर पहलू पर पैनी नज़र रखते हुए  कवि ने

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Books by दर्शिनी शाह

यूँ तो होते है, आस-पास हमारे, कही इंसा
पर घूम रहा तन्हा, दबाये राज़ कई, इंसा | 

जब होती है दस्तक वहां, धड़कता खंडर जो कांच का
डूबोगे तो जानोगे वहां, दरिया गहन अहसास का | 

ये आँख

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Books by Sophia William

The reason I have titled the book 'Resurrection is, as it has a special meaning to me. Although it was more of an instinct. Having suffered through clinical depression for quite a long time, March 2021 is when a new era began unfolding. Never before have I felt this free, it felt as if I had opened a new door. Thus 'resurrection is symbolic for me, as it resembles a part of me that has fallen into a deep slumber, and my spirit has been renewed, similar to bein

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Moonless Night

Books by Rohan Nath & Nidhi Shukla

Our life is Full Of Ups And Downs, Where We Are lost & Found Between Different Materialistic Desires...And we Don't Have The Solution how to Quench Our thirst For Living the Life peacefully...

In Search Of Peace We are Often Allured By Many Beautiful Moments which are like A Promises of Forever For Happiness And Love And Divert Us From The Path Of Real Life(Eternal Life)

"MoonlessNight" Is A Opus Of Such Poems in Which Co-Authors Hv Inscribe Th

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सुशोभित भारत

Books by मीतू

सुशोभित भारत में वो उन तमाम त्योहारों का वर्णन बड़ी खूबसूरत पंक्तियों के रूप में करने की कोशिश करती है, वह कहती  हैं कि पढ़ने पर उनकी कविताओं में चुपे रंग से दर्शक आनंद की अनुभव क

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Eternal Trudges

Books by Sailee Tiwari

The book holds different forms of poetry – Acrostic, couplets, quatrains, and free verses. They are written with utmost sentiments. While some are heartfelt and vestiges of my memories, others are a quest seeking reality and raising questions in life.

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Books by रोहन नाथ और निधि शुक्ला द्वारा संकलित

दुर्गा - महिला सशक्तीकरण का प्रतीक

दुर्गा मां की तरह ही, भारत में महिलाएं शक्तिशाली, साहसी और अविश्वसनीय हैं। प्रत्येक महिला शक्ति (ऊर्जा), भक्ति (भक्ति) और मुक्ति (मुक्ति) है, औ

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वर्ड्स बाय हार्ट

Books by देव एस भावसार द्वारा संकलित

इस पुस्तक में विभिन्न सह-लेखकों के विभिन्न लेखन शामिल हैं। इस संकलक ने सह-लेखकों को कॉपी राइट-अप या साहित्यिक सामग्री का उपयोग नहीं करने के लिए निर्देशित किया है और लेखकों से मूल

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हर होलो स्पिरिट

Books by रीमा बिस्वास

"हर होलो स्प्रिट" किताब हमने सबसे पहले उन सभी लोगों की भावनाओं को संजोगने की कोशिश की है। जो अपने हाल है दिल को कविता सुविचार कहानी के रूप में बता सके। इस किताब का असली श्रेय उन सभी

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चेरी ब्लॉसमस

Books by रोहन नाथ और निधि शुक्ला

प्रस्तुत किताब "चेरी ब्लॉसम" मैं हमने चाहा है की जीवन मैं खुशियों  के हर पहलू को दर्शा सके, यहंन किताब मैं सभी कविऔ ने जीवन, प्रकृती, एवम्ं जीव जान्तू क प्रती प्रेम और तमन्ना का रच

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Books by Priyanka Bhandarkar


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स्वाती स्वरांजलि

Books by स्वाती चौरसिया

इस पुस्तक की रचना में लेखिका ने अपने विचारों के द्वारा समाज,देश,धर्म,नारी सम्मान,जानवरों के प्रति प्रेम,प्रेरक कविताएं,सच्चा प्रेम,रिश्तों को समझना,गुम होता बच्चपन ,रिश्तों से

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रोस् पैटलस्

Books by रोहन नाथ और निधि शुक्ला द्वारा संकलित

प्रस्तुत किताब "रोस पेतल्स" मैं हमने चाहा है की प्रेम के हर पहलू को दर्शा सके,
यहंन किताब मैं सभी कविऔ ने जीवन, प्रकृती, एवम्ं जीव जान्तू क प्रती प्रेम और तमन्ना का रचना किया है,

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Books by रोहन नाथ और निधि शुक्ला द्वारा संकलित

प्रस्तुत किताब "Snow Drop" मैं हमने चाहा है की जीवन के हर पहलू को दर्शा सके,

यहां किताब में सभी कविऔ ने जीवन के खुशी, आशा एवंम तमन्ना की रचना है,

संचालको ने इस किताब को जीवन के सत्य पर

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Books by Rohan Nath And Nidhi Shukla

The delicate snowdrop flower, despite its name, often serves as the first sign of spring. The snow has finally begun to recede! It is seen as a symbol of rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges in life. It can serve as a delicate reminder that we can all do great things in life – if only we set our minds to it. There is nothing that can make you fail if you have the drive to succeed! Hope purity, innocence rebirth is also symbolized by snowdrop.&n

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