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An Invisible Poet Poems With Pankaj

Author Name: Pankaj Paul | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The poems I have written are all based on positive aspect of life. We all give birth to our thoughts the way we think. If we change the pattern of thinking, we can easily win. My poem says that there's no existence of luck. Man is the architect of his own fortune. The poems teach the readers all about learning every moment. There's learning in everything. We need to cull it and harness in building our life. It's natural that we have to face adversaries in our life, but the challenge is to turn those adversaries into opportunities. As everything is associated with our mind setting, why don't we train our our mind in this regard? And if we can do so, it's for sure that success will be kissing our feet day and night. Above all, you will be a man, my son.


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Pankaj Paul

He's a very simple man. He teaches my students English. In his beginning life he was not properly guided and thus he got misguided. He has always wanted to compensate his misguidance with proper guidance to the upcoming generation. That's why he wants to see the presence of a new author, a newly built man among his students. He does believe that every student is talented. His duty is to explore their latent talent and get them turned out to be a decent man because he believes a man is known by his behaviour. As far as his writing flair is concerned, it's a little. The other days he didn't take the matter seriously. Now he has taken it as seriously as he can. Now that he's a man of positivity and believe in what you think you become. He has taken himself to be an author. Yes, he believes he can write and win your heart. Thank you.