Indie Author Championship #6

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Another Mystery

Author Name: Simran Pardasani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

May, a time traveler, who is also a spy and butler; someone who barely knows what is going on much less where it is going on, ends up in a completely different place due to a random time slip.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Indico kingdom falls into jeopardy when the king suddenly decides to abdicate the throne and run away, leaving his most incompetent son as the next heir. And that’s how, the cold-hearted prince Ceil, who everyone has an irrational urge to kill, ends up inheriting a kingdom overnight when he would rather just lie around and reminiscence his past. 

Events take a dark turn when May gets blackmailed by the royal twins into becoming their double agent. 

Will the Indico kingdom and its pathetically unfortunate people be able to survive this huge blow? And will May end up becoming a newly killed corpse, all ready for burial due to the twins’ antics and their numerous enemies? Will she ever get to go home?

Read ahead to find out…  

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Simran Pardasani

Simran Pardasani has been an ardent book lover since she was 5 years old. She spent her childhood reading fairy tales and forcing her friends into performing skits with her in front of their audience a.k.a. their neighbors, who had also been compelled to be present there. 

She started penning down her thoughts and stories at the age of 7. Her teenage years were spent reading a lot of classical books and feeling that she had been born in the wrong era.

Simran started writing her first novel ‘Another Mystery’ when she was 15 years old and it took her three years to complete it. 

Simran also has a full-time citizenship of the otherworld and has more thoughts than she could possibly pen down. 

She enjoys her life reading, writing, exploring different people life stories and trying out new things.