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Anti-natural Framework – II & Its Consequences

Author Name: Jamir Ahmed Choudhury | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

This volume of Anti-natural Framework & Its Consequences is a conspiracy theory on how certain scientific findings/principles have been concealed from the world and how alternatives to each one of them have been projected to the world.  A few examples of this are: The concealment of the Upright Rectangular Universe and Projection and propagation of the Universally Accepted Running and Moving Global Universe;  the concealment of the Sirius Binary System [Two Horizons—West Horizon and East Horizon], Mercurial System [Two Hemispheres —Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere], and Existential Import of the Barrier between Equal and Opposite Natural Mechanisms [Solar System] and Projection and Propagation of the Universally Accepted Solar System as if Sirius Binary System—Mercurial System—Solar System.


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Jamir Ahmed Choudhury

The author of Anti-natural Framework & Its Consequences I and II is a self-evident victim of the compulsory formal education provided in schools which he terms to be ‘unconstitutional’. He has written these books to bring to light those truths of the universe that have been hidden from the public —in lieu of which alternate scientific principles have been presented.