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Around The World With Four Samosas

Author Name: Pravesh Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The book is a fictional narrative of Vivek and Paresh. One is an educated and skilled man with resources, the other is a humble samosa maker. We follow their story to see how they unite their strengths – Vivek his sophistication and education, and Paresh his business acumen and build a successful business and brand. The story throws light on the importance of branding for success. With this book The author is also encouraging the youth of this country to take up the responsibility of changing the economics of this country at the grassroot level by using their education and privilege to bring about change in society and improvement in the quality of life of people in smaller towns and villages. This book also helps us acknowledge the talent and skill of the people from smaller towns and if given an opportunity they can rise above their station, like in the book Paresh was able to achieve so much and ultimately meet the Prime Minister and get awarded the Padma Shri Award. The book also covers all aspects of life, giving lessons not only in the aspect of career but also relationships and family and friends. When one person grows, it is responsibility that all aspects of his life grow with him.

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Pravesh Jain

Pravesh Jain, the CEO of Paras Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, takes a huge interest in social service and philanthropical and intellectual activities. His Paras Foundation runs an old age home and a school for street children and an institution for the visually impaired.

Born and educated in Delhi, he has contributed articles and columns to prestigious newspapers over the years.

His book ‘One Mind Many Thoughts’ was brought out by Rupa Publication. The book consists of philosophical musings over ‘diverse facets’ of life.

His creative urge finds a cogent expression in all his activities and thoughts. He is a dynamic social philosopher. It is his conviction that for bringing about a real change in the society, mere philosophy is not enough. It is only possible through a pragmatic approach to everyday issues of life.

“Around the World with Four Samosas” is his first work of fiction.