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Around The World With Four Samosas

Author Name: Pravesh Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Around the World with Four Samosas is a story about two men who come from different worlds, traversing their own paths until a train journey brings them together and their lives become intertwined. 

Vivek, a brilliant graduate from IIT, slowly becoming disillusioned with the world and and questioning his purpose in it is given a fresh perspective by Paresh, a simple man who runs a small shop but believes that a good hot samosa can turn around even the most skeptic. Who can resist the perfect mix of potato, peas and spices, inside the warm embrace of a crisp shell, that crackles at the first bite and unleashes a medley of flavor that reaches a crescendo and makes you believe in life and humanity once again. 

Vivek, who senses all this, plans to bring Paresh’s culinary gift to the world, one station, one shop, one canteen at a time and their unlikely partnership creates an enterprise of any entrepreneur’s dream. 

Around the World with Four Samosas is a valuable lesson to the young minds of India that there’s a lot of talent and skill in every corner of this great nation and definition of “work” is ours to make. 

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Pravesh Jain

Pravesh Jain, the CEO of Paras Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, takes a huge interest in social service and philanthropical and intellectual activities. His Paras Foundation runs an old age home and a school for street children and an institution for the visually impaired.

Born and educated in Delhi, he has contributed articles and columns to prestigious newspapers over the years.

His book ‘One Mind Many Thoughts’ was brought out by Rupa Publication. The book consists of philosophical musings over ‘diverse facets’ of life.

His creative urge finds a cogent expression in all his activities and thoughts. He is a dynamic social philosopher. It is his conviction that for bringing about a real change in the society, mere philosophy is not enough. It is only possible through a pragmatic approach to everyday issues of life.

“Around the World with Four Samosas” is his first work of fiction.



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