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Art 2 Start Startup Shastra: A 15 Sutra Entrepreneurship MBA

Author Name: Sandeep Mehndiratta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

For Challengers who wish to generate Ideas that sell & take them to the finishing line. They start with seeking an answer to:
a.     I want to start, but what, how, and where to start?
b.     I already have an idea, how can I build conviction and a business model?
c.     I am a professional in a job, can an entrepreneurial mindset help me?
d.     I am in the middle of my career, can I start something now?
“Entrepreneur”, the word itself is so inspiring and captivating that we fall in love for being one. You are driven by a dream to do something transformational. The book reveals the path to get there through start-up Shastra, which has 15 sutras, and the key being:
a.     Idea generation: Ideas that sell
b.     Fishing the Niche
c.     Value proposition
d.     Designing differentiation
e.     Business Modelling, and more         
Every chapter moves like a story and ends with actionable takeaways. Even a professional in a job can do wonders if thinks with an entrepreneurial mindset. You can be an Entrepreneur WITHOUT leaving your job. 
The book includes:
ü  Start-up Shastra: 15 Sutras
ü  100 trending start-ups in 10 categories
ü  Winning business models
ü  Innovative techniques
ü  Actionable takeaways
ü  Anecdotes & inspiring stories
ü  START-O-METER, your personalized startup readiness report

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Sandeep Mehndiratta

Sandeep Mehndiratta, is an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. Over the last 20 years, apart from successfully leading various corporate roles, he has been part of various startup journeys as an entrepreneur, investor, and coach. His core strength lies in understanding customer value, market leadership strategies and designing business models.