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ASTROLOGY – A SCIENCE OF THE QUANTUM WORLD Discovering Science in Astrology

Author Name: Vikram Divakar & Soundar Divakar | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book attempts to highlight the scientific aspects and implications of Astrology. An attempt has been made by the authors to explore certain fascinating scientific probabilities to explain Astrology. This journey explores Quantum Mechanical aspects of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Gravity and the, General and Special Theory of Relativity of Einstein in relation to Space-Time distortion and the Time-Lag of planetary influence, String-Super-String-Brane-M Theories, Dark Energy and lensing effects of planets, as possible routes to understanding the influence of planets on the genetic materials of human beings.

This book, further highlights the role of two other important factors –, namely, genetic make-up of the individual and the environment in which the individual grows –, in super-imposing the effect of planets at birth for making an accurate prediction.

The unique placement of the moon in terms of its probable ‘lensing effect’ is highlighted. Astrological criteria to promote and sustain life on exo-planets, is also explained in a chapter. The final chapter deals with irrational practices and mis-concepts existing in astrological practices and the dire need to get rid of such practices to enhance the acceptability and credibility of Astrology.

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Vikram Divakar & Soundar Divakar

Mr. Vikram Divakar is a software engineer, who is actively involved in carrying out investigations on understanding the science in Astrology besides developing prediction programs based on the Naadi system of prediction.

One of the authors, (Dr Soundar Divakar,) is a retired scientist from a National Research Laboratory in India. In a research career spanning over 36 years, he has actively pursued research in the areas of Bio-Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology. His research resulted in 150 manuscripts published in both national and international scientific  journals along with a few patents. Recently, his name appeared in the list of Top 2% of World Scientists published by Stanford University Scientists.

Both the authors’ interest in Astrology over the past several years (50 years by S Divakar) has led to investigate the scientific aspects of Astrology as well as publish a few articles on the scientific basis of Astrology. In this process, they have also unraveled the principles of the Naadi system of prediction, which has resulted in two books, one with his above co-author.



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