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Becoming Finance Diva

Author Name: Mahati Pandya and Abhishek Dev | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Imagine a world where financial stress doesn't cloud your dreams. Where "making ends meet" transforms into "building a future." That's the power of financial empowerment. It's more than just paying bills – it's the key to unlocking a life on your terms.

Just like the Maslow’s hierarchy, there are different levels of financial journey each of us aspire for. But at the very top, a new kind of power awaits: financial freedom. The world is evolving and so is the gender equation of our humankind. Women of today are corporate leaders, athletes, actors, academicians, diplomats, business owners and military professionals in addition to being the loving mothers, wives, daughters and sisters they have been forever. A lot has changed, a lot has evolved, But what is still to change in a meaningful way, is for the women to participate in strategic financial decisions. For some reasons, this is still the exclusive domain of the men in the house. It's time to rewrite the rules, claim the financial equality let the queens take their rightful place in the kingdom of finance.

‘The Finance Diva’, is yet evolving.

For centuries, stories have been the cornerstones of knowledge transfer, weaving wisdom into captivating narratives. In "Finance Diva" initiative, we take this tradition to a whole new level, drawing a powerful parallel between the embodiment of prosperity and the potential within every woman.

Let this book be your guide and friend as you embark on a journey of financial literacy and empowerment. Now is the time to claim your power and become the financial architect of your dreams.

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Mahati Pandya and Abhishek Dev

Abhishek, a proven leader and passionate investment professional, has spent over 23 years in pursuit of excellence in Asset and Wealth Management Industry across India and Singapore. In his own words, all he knows and has ever tried to know is intricate concepts of financial and investment management. His career trajectory, spanning esteemed Indian and Global Asset & Wealth Managers across various roles including Board Membership, Business Development, Strategy, Investment Advisory, Product Development etc, has provided him with a 360 degree insights of various aspects of Wealth Management. This deep-seated passion for Wealth management and commitment to the cause of spreading financial literacy motivated him to establish the Epsilon Money Group in 2022 with a focus on Affluent, Middle class and SME Customers in Tier II & III cities. Abhishek strongly believes in empowering individuals, particularly women, to navigate financial landscapes with confidence which has led the group to establish an Investment Initiative focussed on Women under @TM “The Finance Diva” initiative. 

Mahati exemplifies a strategic mind with a financial heart. While her expertise lies in marketing and business strategy, her passion for finance fuels her mission to empower women. Alongside Abhishek, she leads the impactful “Finance Diva” initiative, a testament to her dedication to financial education and inclusion for women. While she thrives in the dynamic world of business & marketing and embraces the opportunities it presents, she also finds joy in exploring art, literature, and the beauty of nature. This well-rounded perspective allows her to approach challenges with both creativity and a grounded perspective.