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Becoming Goddess A Complete Guide For Women on Money and Life

Author Name: Dr. Indhu Nagaiah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

This book is for that woman who desperately wants to achieve financial freedom, i.e., not depending on a husband, family, or anyone other than herself. To be financially independent, she needs to discipline herself and her financial life. The strategies that worked for our previous generations don’t work for us anymore, hence, financial literacy is mandatory for every woman of this decade more than a man.  this book is from my personal experiences where I went from craving money to creating financial security by turning the stumbling blocks into steppingstones. So, if financial freedom is your goal, then I hope this book is the best solution for you. Cheers to you becoming goddess!

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Dr. Indhu Nagaiah

Indhu is the founder of ‘becomingoddess’, a personal development brand geared to empower women to find their identity, respect and financial freedom through teachings of personal development and financial management and help them live a life of inspiration. She is a periodontal surgeon by profession, a life coach by passion and a doting mother by obsession. An entrepreneur, she has promoted and sold multiple business and runs a few, trying to achieve her goals every day. She resides in Chennai and instagramifies at @indhu_becominggodess, with Facebook profile Indhu N.