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Beyond Strategic Management Achievers Have No Barriers

Author Name: Ravindra Chauhan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Ravindra Chauhan highlights relevant comprehensive Management Philosophies. He transcribes the incidents that left significant impact on him, which he feels can inspire and aid budding management professionals.

He narrates incidents that usually stay within the four walls of an organization and are never revealed—like conflicting situations people face in the field while engaging in industrial operations. He talks about facing imposed decisions and manmade destructive practices and exposes how wicked elements hamper growth prospects.

Through speaking about whimsical blunders related to management from battles of one-upmanship to amazing motivation, the author imparts management wisdom in a nutshell.

Let budding professionals learn the lessons on how to manage and sail the business ship in rough weather.

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Ravindra Chauhan

Starting off as a strong, determined, passionate man, with immense quest for erudition and a craving to cultivate something different, Ravindra Chauhan established milestones in the field of Management by breaking a number of barriers and developing revolutionary business strategies.

The copious exposure gained over the span of his career facilitated him in developing paramount vision. His pragmatic, catalytic approach has been instrumental in curving age-old malicious, destructive practices to charter the right strategy. He is a seasoned strategist with enough capability to change the track of many chronic business practices by developing the hidden skills and suggesting innovative remedial actions. He is a mastermind in achieving success in adverse situations. He strongly believes in “Thinking Beyond, Doing Beyond and Achieving Beyond.”

His mission has been to create awareness among the budding professionals and enable them to act fearlessly. No matter how much the tunnel be dark and long, there is always light at the end of it. For him, learning has no end.