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Bhaag! Inspiring stories of student entrepreneurs in India, who are racing to build their own ventures

by Ganesh V

Format: Paperback

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BHAAG! contains the inspiring stories of student entrepreneurs from across India - young Indians who have set up their own businesses at the unbelievably young age of 20 or 22 – i.e., right after finishing college. At an age when most of their peers were taking up their first jobs, these entrepreneurs were already CEOs. Each of them is driven by the urge to be master of his/her own destiny and by the belief that he/she is addressing a strong need in the market.

BHAAG! traces the entrepreneurial journeys of ordinary Indian youngsters with extraordinary dreams. The book celebrates the restlessness, imagination, guts and soaring ambition of India’s youth.

A must-read for every youngster who wants to be an entrepreneur.

Ganesh lives in Bangalore. While he has built his career in the field of Marketing, he loves to work with entrepreneurs and help their businesses grow. Having been an entrepreneur himself, he has had a first-hand exposure to life in a start-up. Among other things, Ganesh loves music, movies and the mountains, and lives life with gusto!







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