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Bleeding Markets Your Finance Mantra

Author Name: Pramodh Chandrashekar, Lakshmi Manikandan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Maara is about to begin his last year of Law School. He has always wanted to be a Lawyer, but lately, he felt he should be exploring more options. When he was going through such a conundrum regarding his career choice, his cousin Dev introduced him to Share Market. Maara explores the world of Share Market with the help of Dev and his sister, Nivya.

The story deals with how Maara struggles with losses in the market. He has always seen Share market as a glorified gambling business. But when he steps into the game of stocks, he is taken aback by the opportunities of growing one’s wealth. As he tries to understand stocks and unlearn his mistakes in investments, he starts to lose control over his life and studies. Amidst all these events, he is caught up between the battle of revenge and fear. Through Maara, a gullible student guided by social media fantasy, the book explores different aspects of Finance and Money making and at the same time unravelling its pitfalls.

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Pramodh Chandrashekar, Lakshmi Manikandan

Pramodh Chandrashekar

Pramodh Chandrashekar's entrepreneurial journey began at 19 with the founding of Last Ripple Foundation, igniting his passion for positive change. Through the foundation, he spearheads community initiatives, driven by a commitment to social impact.

Expanding his impact, Pramodh co-founded COINCONTRA, an Ed-tech company educating Indians about Personal Finance. As CEO, he empowers individuals with financial knowledge for informed decisions and secure futures.

A sought-after speaker, Pramodh has graced TEDx and Josh Talks stages, inspiring audiences to pursue their passions and effect change. Beyond entrepreneurship and public speaking, Pramodh's accolades include being a Nestle MunchStar Winner, highlighting his versatility and excellence. 

Rooted in Law, Finance, and Social Impact, Pramodh Chandrashekar shapes entrepreneurship, exemplifying the transformative power of passion and dedication in creating a better future.

Lakshmi Manikandan 

Lakshmi Manikandan is a 9-5 employee by day and a storyteller on the occasional night. From her childhood, she fell in love with reading and wanted to create stories of her own. With a love for words and an ambition for storytelling, she wants to bring different perspectives of stories to the readers. On days void of corporate life and creativity, she can be found exploring book cafes. If not, she can be found with a book and a cup of coffee in her bed.