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Bones of Adam What Women Want

by Rex Thomas

Format: Paperback

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“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so both of them don’t understand each other!” BONES OF ADAM tells the stories of many ‘queens’ who wanted to be treated as equivalent to men. What women want is exactly what men never wanted, and the curiosity to understand this dynamics is ridiculously wonderful! What do they mean when they say, "Men should not be respected this much" or "Men are respected too much?" BONES OF ADAM has it all.

Rex Thomas grew up in a small village in God’s Own Country. An artist at heart and a great nature lover, he began writing at a young age. Following his post-graduation in business management, he began writing professionally. Rex released his first book, Devil’s Conviction, in 2017 in Houston, USA.

Rex is a die-hard philosophy enthusiast. He delivers many sessions on motivation and the science of spirituality in many parts of the country. Rex is blessed with two children and a lovely wife.



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