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Bragenar Cycle Expedition II From Amritsar to Kohima and back

Author Name: Sadanand Prasad | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

This book has been written after furnishing a lengthy, resplendent cycle expedition by an Indian army person to fulfil the dream of his master, who after retirement from army service planned to motivate his village’s school-going students by taking them on a cycle trip from Amritsar to Kohima and back. But his physical health in old age did not support him, and he left the world before achieving his dream. However, this army person, who had just two years before his master’s death, had completed his first cycle expedition from Jammu to Kanyakumari alone at his own risk, expense and during his leave. He fulfilled the dream of the departed soul of his master through truthful determination, hard calibre and energetic endeavour and successfully furnished the cycle expedition of 7000 km.

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Sadanand Prasad

This book teaches a lesson of honesty and enhances the spirit of adventure through cycling alone. As a result, the author has gained the strength to move beyond all kinds of hurdles in hot and sunny or rainy weather, on all kinds of terrains—sloppy downfall, blind turning and upland hilly roads—through truthful dedication and hard calibre which gave him a positive result. He inspires people of all ages to take a stride on the path of progress or success with truthful determination, dedication and sacrifice.



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