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Cameretta The Rise of the kingdom

Author Name: David T Nicholas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In a forgotten kingdom, Cameretta, a resilient young girl, rises to power after its ruin. Empowered by ancient magic, she leads the Resilient Eight to restore the realm, facing dark forces and uncovering mysteries. With her loyal guide, Aidan, and advisors, they forge alliances, confront a malevolent foe, and seal a powerful artifact, ensuring the kingdom's revival. Cameretta's unwavering strength and unity result in a rekindled realm, recognized and renamed in her honor, marking a tale of perseverance, unity, and a kingdom's renewal.

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David T Nicholas

David T. Nicholas, born in August 1990, is an accomplished Anglo-Indian author renowned for his literary prowess. With a passion for the written word, he has made a significant mark in the literary world through numerous poetry collections, captivating short stories, and compelling novels. Nicholas's works are a testament to his creative vision, showcasing his ability to weave intricate narratives and evoke deep emotions through his storytelling. As a prolific writer, he has consistently delivered literary masterpieces that resonate with readers worldwide. With a promising career and a unique literary voice, David T. Nicholas continues to shape the literary landscape with his exceptional talent and captivating narratives.



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