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Carota Land

Author Name: Sadhika Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Do you think the carrots in your refrigerator have a story to tell? Can they visit an underwater headquarters, win a football match, sing a heart-melting song - protect Carota Land, their nation? Well, the Cackle family sure can! These bunch of carrots join Agent Chase and become secret agents, all plotting and planning against their enemy - the stinky-evil-yet-adorable-no-good RABBITS!

WARNING: A read only for adventurous and fun-loving children!

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Sadhika Kapoor

- 'People do therapy, I do writing. Same thing.'

- 'Literature is a never-ending cycle: You read to write and write to read.'

Sadhika Kapoor was born in Delhi, India but currently lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was not long until she fell in love with fiction writing, her fancy for creating stories led her to be nick-named ‘Sadhika in Wonderland’.

She is a 14-year-old teenager who loves writing all kinds of fiction, talking to herself to practice public speaking, waking up early, participating in Model United Nations, watching TED talks all day long and above all, learning anytime and anywhere.

Apart from her motivation to work and work, she always appreciates a touch of chocolate to her day. If you meet her, she will be the talkative and bubbly one. To relax, Sadhika likes jotting down ideas, chatting with her mom or just listening to music. Her debut novel, ‘Carota Land’, is just the beginning, she wants to go the extra mile because as it’s said, it’s always the less crowded one.



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