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Celebrating Failure

Author Name: Dhruv Avdhesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

“From epic fail to happily ever after” - The New Indian Express

Overnight sensations do not become literally so overnight; virtuosos are not always born so; and success… well, there never really is such a thing as success without having tasted the bitter fruit of failure.

This book celebrates ten such moments of failure that drove ten different individuals to cut new paths for themselves. Celebrating Failure chronicles the lives, journeys and major failures of these people from different walks who were once rejected or told that their ideas or talents weren’t good enough, only to break away from such negative molds and assumptions to be who they are today.

Failure is something inevitable; if we want to achieve something in life than we have to exponentially increase our failure rate.

For those who have an open mind for new ideas, who seek to create long lasting success, the book offers you a challenge.

From now, start celebrating failure.

Maybe, just maybe, the greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.

May failure be with you!



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Dhruv Avdhesh

Brain of a techie, yet heart of an artist!


Dhruv is an exuberant experience designer who believes in challenging the status quo in whatever he does, like his book ‘Celebrating Failure’. He is on a journey to spread happiness by harnessing the power of technology and design and is always on the edge for innovative and unaccustomed opportunities. He has built in him an armour of technical prowess that enables him to add values to organisations in more ways than the ones he has expertise in.


Dhruv specialises in product design and user experience and has received appreciations for his entrepreneurial outlook. His resolute belief in ‘the dreams are free but the hustle is sold separately’ has motivated him time and again to step out of his comfort zone and do what he loves!