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Consequences of Choice Decisions That Define Us

Author Name: Lokendra Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

‘Consequences of Choice’ is a captivating self-help book that explores the transformative power of decision-making through the life story of Shiva. With personal anecdotes and practical insights, Shiva guides readers through pivotal choices that shaped his success. This character-driven narrative delves into the complexities of decision-making, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful consideration, self-awareness, and learning from mistakes.

Each chapter focuses on a specific choice, such as work-life balance, destiny, persistence, teamwork, and spirituality, revealing how these decisions influenced various aspects of Shiva's life. The book empowers readers to make informed decisions, inspiring introspection, and personal growth.

‘Consequences of Choice’ is an insightful and relatable book that reminds us of the transformative potential within every decision we make. Shiva's experiences offer valuable lessons, highlighting the profound impact of our choices on personal and professional fulfillment. Discover the power of choice and chart your own path to success with this inspiring book.

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Lokendra Singh

Lokendra Singh, an aspiring writer born in Jhansi, and brought up all over Maharashtra, India, is the author of the thought-provoking debut book 'Consequences of Choice.' Raised in diverse regions of India, he developed a deep appreciation for storytelling and the power of words early on. Lokendra draws from personal experiences and observations, skillfully exploring decision-making and its profound impact on our lives. His writing is marked by engaging prose, vivid descriptions, and well-rounded characters that immerse readers in relatable struggles and triumphs. Despite this being his first publication, Lokendra's passion for writing has driven him to refine his craft through workshops and mentorship. Besides writing, he enjoys playing the flute, meditation, and thoughtful discussions, enriching his narratives with authenticity. 

Lokendra, an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad with engineering degree, leads a US-based MNC in India and the MEA region. As 'Consequences of Choice' gains recognition, he eagerly anticipates his next project, continuing to explore the human condition and connect with readers on a profound level. Lokendra's future is filled with storytelling, creativity, and the promise of a meaningful literary journey ahead.