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Contemplate, Act, Flourish Embrace Your True Self and Get Ahead in Life

Author Name: Rakesh Deshpande | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

We are born, we live and experience things one cannot simply imagine, we get old, and we die. What matters in this journey is the reason we choose to live for. The purpose that we decide to serve. Yet, we struggle with a lot of questions and confusion on various aspects of life such as:

Importance of relationships
The unclear relationship between trust and questions
Importance of self-awareness, success, and failures
A different perspective that we need
A “Roller Coaster” Experience 

With this book, you can get ahead in life, embrace your true self, and gain a different perspective to your relationships and mindset. 

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Rakesh Deshpande

Rakesh Deshpande is an engineering graduate evolved into a passionate writer. Although he had umpteen traumatic experiences right from his childhood, he never gave up. His life wasn't any better until he learnt to question everything that was distressing. 

He writes reality that's applicable to thousands of people. His books take readers to a different dimension that helps them build a different perspective towards life, relationships, and mindset. 

Other books from the Author: 

- What’s the Sunshine of Your Life? 
- Finally, I Embraced Reality…

You can connect with him on Instagram. He is one-click away:

His Belief: "It's always the way you look at things... Only that matters and nothing else."



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