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Craft Your Own Complacent Career

Author Name: Dr. Bala Subramanian | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Academic curriculum does not prepare you adequately to face realities of workplace challenges. Understanding your own personality and learning to match your behaviour with that of others is of paramount importance. In addition to your own capabilities, your personality and how you adjust your behaviour to that of the people you interact when working in teams, projects or assignments will make or break your career aspirations.

In this book you will learn about different functions of any organisation and how human behaviour will impact your performance. Customers, suppliers, peers behaviours and reactions affect the value you add to the outcome of your efforts and that of others. Managing your time and finances efficiently in the early days of your career will determine your financial security and personal happiness.

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Dr. Bala Subramanian

Dr. Bala Subramanian is a strategist and change agent. In his decades of professional career with large global organisations and as an Independent consultant, his exposure to different cultural and behavioural patterns of people and organisation has solidified his belief that regardless of the academic qualification, every student should understand human behaviour as to how and why different people react differently and what influences their reactions.

The topics covered in this book have helped new recruits gain and attain complacency in their initial careers or have changed their careers.

This book is written to create basic awareness of what is out there in the real world and what you will be experiencing in your professional career. This awareness will benefit you in enjoying what you do by reducing stress and prepare you to deal with the unknown and make informed decisions.

He strongly believes that topics covered in this book will help you identify your skill gaps and acquire new skills which will lead to attaining your personal and professional aspirations.



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