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Author Name: Baniprosonno | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The book “CROWL” revolves around the friendship between an owl and a crow – Shimla raven. The owl represents the night, while the crow symbolizes the day. The story is divided into three chapters: “Shimla by day,” “The Other Crows,” and “Letter box and Ladder Box.” The birds explore various parts of Shimla, sharing their thoughts and opinions about the town, including its good, bad, and ugly aspects. They visit places like the Shimla courts, where they humorously comment on the law and legal practitioners. They also visit the famous Kalibarri temple and the Shimla coffee house, where they witness interesting, funny, and strange events. After a beautiful sunset, they enter a charming restaurant called “LadderBox.” They continue their fascinating conversations wherever they go. From the Ladderbox restaurant, they fly to eastern Shimla, where they encounter a renowned painter’s house – “Ravens’ Dale’’. The crow, being a great storyteller, shares many tales with her wise and creative friend, the owl. The owl admires the crow’s storytelling abilities. Eventually, they part ways with the rising moon, saying goodbye. The owl then dashes into the moonlit night sky to play a game of “moon-ball” with the moon.

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Baniprosonno (born 1932), is a renowned painter. He paints, makes great drawings, sculpts, creates ‘objects’ and writes stories, poems and nonsense rhymes in Bengali, Hindi and English, considering the latter as a “global language.” Some of his notable books include “Sun is Music,” “Death is a Lie Never Men Die,” “Cosmos: A Kinetic Sculpture,” “Lal Phoolonki Khushboo Pili,” and “Hraswa oo Dirgha oo.”

Moreover, Baniprosonno conducts art workshops with individuals of different age groups, including children, youngsters, grownups, and older adults. These internationally famous workshops are titled as: “phantastic animals,” “I draw U paint,” “wonder objects,” “wrap rocks,” “drawing marathon,” “lamps and insects,” “creative paper cutting,” “fun with alphabets” erc.

His book, “CROWL,” contains autobiographical elements and refers to his creative activities, making it an enchantingly engrossing read. He has exhibited his creations worldwide, including in Iceland, and has had more than a hundred solo shows. Baniprosonno resides in Shimla with his wife, Putul, and has a passion for cooking. His upcoming publication is titled “The Money Machine and Other Tales.