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Curing Minds The Inner Voice Of Loneliness

Author Name: Anika Jain & Rishab Bhardwaj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

What is life without any hurdles or problems? Life is a whole set of games, making a balance between attacks and defenses. Our actions make our present and decisions bring our future.

Though it is all good to hear and act upon, the unsaid algorithm of the brain doesn't work that way.

There still lies an unsaid heavy corner in our brain that's just not ready to make up with ourselves continuously. This book gives readers a gist of such situations, their solutions, and creative ideas of living. The title "Curing Minds" itself enlightens up the stories that we deal with ourselves as a state of war, which may seem an easy issue for someone else. 

Their lies, the ocean of unsaid, and entangled thought that we are entangled in, and we are not able to deal with them. Hence, we make a genuine compilation of such happening and there possible solutions. We try the reader to give the best experience of it.

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Anika Jain & Rishab Bhardwaj

Anika Jain, a 26-year-old young woman, she is a successful home maker. She resides in the city of Taj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. She loves to showcase her emotions through her write-ups, and she is an avid reader. She loves to write about day to day life, today's problems, and many more. Her hobbies include reading novels and doing experiments in every scope. Family is everything to her, and she loves to spread happiness in people's lives. She wishes to make herself proud one day. She wants to be ideal for her kids and loves to do everything with perfection. She is a multi-tasker and multi-talented lady who doesn't believe in luck. She believes that everything is dependent on karma. She has been a part of 15 anthologies so far and others in making and two anthologies as a compiler. She likes doing proofreading. 

You can find her writing on Instagram @rumifam1803 and you can email her 

On the other hand, 

Rishab Bhardwaj was born in a small village in the outskirts of Delhi. He is a young artist who is stepping out to explore new experiences. Nothing is more powerful than a man who can use his words to soothe the pain of others. He is a freelance writer, who has written many articles, poems and quotes. Being a student he has achieved many rewards in various fields. The most important thing about being a writer for him is that he takes life as a miracle of nature, be it human or be it plants or animals, he is compassionate towards everything which comes in his way. He is a man of morals and principles.